Leaving home early the other morning, the world still in darkness and pummeled by rain, I heard soft quacks sounding from behind the house. I had to rush away to do busy things in a busy world, but those quiet calls stayed with me, and I smiled all day thinking about the slow morning unfolding in my absence.

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Welcome to Stone Ocean Studio!

fossil sand dollar 1

This blog is the online home of Stone Ocean Studio, my workspace in Southern Maine where I make jewelry, writing, art and other creative projects inspired by the natural world around me. I spend a lot of time wandering through fields, woods, streams and shorelines observing whatever plants and animals I come across. I have a particular obsession with the ocean and the myriad islands that dot the Maine coastline. Over the years, the shapes, colors, and images that I’ve seen during these ramblings have lingered with me, and I’ve found myself drawn to try and recreate them in a variety of mediums. In these pages I’ll share current projects, talk about design and development, and write about some of my journeys through the wild landscapes near my home. Thanks for visiting.

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